Zeus Electric Truck Chassis

Zeus Electric Chassis is a Minnesota owned & operated manufacturer specializing in environmentally responsible electric trucks. They are designed by Zeus Electric Chassis with a long and extensive background in the medium duty truck, specialty vehicle and electric vehicle industries. They are modular, ultra-low maintenance, rugged purpose-built electric and hybrid vocational work truck chassis that will perform for at least a DECADE. They are also engineered for maximum performance and ease of repair should a vehicle become damaged

The trucks could be equipped with an articulating arm and bucket used by utility workers to repair power lines. Additionally, the truck is expected to have an electric range of 180 miles, enough for urban utilities. The truck is rated at 5-ton payload capacity 19.5GVWR with an average cost of 11 cents per mile.

The goal is to sell the medium-duty electric-powered truck to utilities but will have many diverse uses. The Zeus Electric Chassis is designed to be lightweight but able to withstand the stress of an articulating arm. The design utilizes the same ideas from ladder trucks used by firefighters that undergo the same stresses. Potential customers include universities, airports and municipal governments that rely on trucks during the day but can park them for charging at night. The design is balanced power for optimal performance and reliability. Engineered to out-perform duty and cycle. Please don’t hesitate to use Startracks Trucks Contact Form to submit an inquiry to learn more about this new technology.

Engineered Specifications

Engineering Performance Specifications:

  • Range: 180 mile (289 kilometers) – fully laiden
  • Horsepower: 231 (p)
  • Torque: 1,244 lb.ft (1,686Nm) (p)
  • Maximum Payload: 10,000 lbs (8,845 kg)
  • Maximum GVWR: 19,500 lbs (15,195 kg)
  • Maximum Velocity: 78 mph (125 km/h)

Engineered Chassis Specifications:

  • Drive Type: Liquid-cooled, dual motor, all-wheel drive
  • Battery: LiFePo4; 173 (kw) (p)
  • Construction Type: HSLA; ladder frame; modular
  • Frame RBM (minimum): 1.02million lb/in
  • Frame RBM (maximum): 1.9 million lb/in
  • Front Suspension: IFS; air; 8,000 lb capacity rating (standard)
  • Rear Suspension: IRS; air; 14,000lb rating (standard)

Engineered Cabin Specifications:

  • Military-grade 5,000 and 6,000 series aluminum super structure and skins
  • 3 mm thickness doors and side canopy skins
  • Engineered for safety, reliability and customization
  • 2-door extended cab model (standard)
  • Available 4-door cab model
  • Impact resistant composite and glass reinforced hood and grille
  • 12V power system that is independent from the propulsion system
  • Diesel powered coolant system

Chassis Reliability:

  • Limited lifetime, 10-year chassis warranty
  • Limited lifetime, 10-year cabin warranty
  • Limited lifetime, 10-year paint warranty
  • Limited lifetime, 10-year power system warranty

Outline of specifications along with CAD image of chassis in PDF format: CLICK HERE

Additional information with potential applications in PDF format: CLICK HERE

Additional 3D renderings in PDF format for your review: CLICK HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

Since our product is manufactured in Minnesota, USA, we are very familiar with the harsh realities of winter. Zeus trucks are insulated and we have integrated an on-board diesel powered coolant heater to maintain battery temperature and range.

Zeus is engineered to accommodate upcoming technology using “SpaceClaim software (centralized location of the power system) and ease of ability to attach to the primary frame system.

The automotive type truck does not match the performance and life cycle of power and propulsion systems. Our objective is to provide the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) to our customers.

Zeus trucks are engineered to use specific types of aluminum to accommodate what our trucks will ultimately be exposed to. Aluminum grades, thickness, and manufacturing methods are different. These methods provide a safe, lightweight and effective combatant to corrosion, service duty, and overall like cycle.

This technology is proven, safe, reliable and matches the life and duty cycle of the Zeus truck. Although this technology results in higher up-front costs, overall total cost of ownership is lower over the life of the vehicle. We are always senstive to customers costs and continue to monitor all new and innovative energy systems.

Yes. Our engineering and supply chain teams come have deep expereince in the emergency vehicle industry where vehicles are expected to last 20+ years. Consequently, we purposely overengineered the Zeus truck for these reasons taking into consideration the expected longevity of these vehicles must deliver.

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Because custom builds vary, some are more complex than others. Due to this, there isn’t any standard price sheet available for cost review. Each truck build requires customer provided specifications, type of frame and components, and other details for an accurate quote. We are sorry for the inconvenience and sometimes frustration for lack of transparent pricing in this industry.

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