Step-Up Defender

When you purchase a new or used truck or SUV, its an investment you try to protect by taking care of it. Oil changes according to manufacture guide lines, periodic tune ups, even parking it far away from the store entrance to avoid door damage from other vehicles, shopping carts, etc. What if a stylish and technological device could be added to your investment, to not only add a customized visual definition, but protect the door panels as well? Would you consider the customization?

“These step guards help protect your vehicle when left in a parking lot, parking garage, or even street side parking.”

A great deal of improvements have been incorporated since the Step-Up Defender’s initial release. For one, the device will easily install on pickup trucks, SUVS and vans. When you exit your vehicle and use the key fob to lock your doors, the steps rotate up, blocking the doors from opening (hindering theft). It also prevents door dings and damage from runaway basket carts or careless drivers hitting the side of your valued vehicle with their door. The step guard can be used to gain access to either the front or back door, one or two persons at a time.

The Step-Up Defender includes a solid state electrical system that will integrate with any vehicle with alarm systems and electric door locks. The solid state system operates only with the remote key fob. A person can lock or unlock the doors from inside the vehicle yet it will have no effect on the position of the steps. A user must press the key fob to activate the protective system when the engine is off, rotating the steps into place.

What follows is a list of the safety issues the Step-Up Defender adheres.

  1. The steps only work when the ignition key is off or removed from the ignition.
  2. If the vehicle’s main battery starts to lose voltage at 10 volts the steps will come down automatically.
  3. If a person is left inside the vehicle with the door locked and steps up, by pulling the inside door handle, the steps will rotate down.
  4. If the key fob would cease working, the steps will rotate down when the door is unlocked and opened using your key.
  5. The steps only work with the key fob. Automatic door locks and inside door control locks will not activate the steps

The Step-Up Defender has been tested in all weather conditions without problems. Lab tests revealed the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) at 386,000 repetitions. This equates to using the lift 10 times a day, 7 days a week meaning it would last over 100 years.

Please don’t hesitate to use websites contact form to submit an inquiry to learn more about this popular vehicle technology. US Patent 8,146,935. Click Here to review patent in details.

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